International Trade Podcasts


ECON 3347: International Trade
Dr. Arielle Knudsen

In Fall 2019, the Economics 3347: International Trade class created podcasts which not only served to demonstrate the students’ understanding of the course concepts but allowed them to take that knowledge to a broader audience with a published podcast. Students recorded, edited, and produced podcasts in small groups discussing various complex international trade topics including:

  • US Section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods to force policy change in China
  • US Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum for purposes of national security
  • EU and Mercosur trade agreement: how the trade agreement is being used to advance environmental issues
  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative: China’s massive global infrastructure project

Section 301 – Tariffs on Chinese Goods

By: Maddie D’lorio, Dylan Tompkins & Julia Westwick

Section 232- National Security Tariffs

By: Nathan Glancy, Veronica Lukanga & Benedict Berroth Schubert


By: Savannah Clarke, Henry Kneidel, Peter Shaffer, Juana Suarez & Maddy Walshak

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

By: Gabe Swift, Joel Vela & Minesh Zinzuwadia