Motion Poetry


ENGL 4405
Prof. Jennifer Browne

Spring 2018 Ekphrastic Practice Course

The motion poetry videos below were created by the students in the Spring 2018 Topics in Creative Writing: Ekphrastic Practice class.  Students were asked to pick a poem from a text and make a moving narrative reflection in video form. Students had to learn to use video editing tools and techniques to create the final product.

Work-Clothes Quilt by Patrick Phillips

Video by Beverly Morabito

In Memoriam A.H.H. (Canto 27) by Lord Tennyson

Video by Brian Holmes

Portrait of the Woman as a Skein by Aracelis Girmay

Video by Samantha Lerma

Willow Poem by William Carlos Williams

Video by Emily Wood

Transubstantiation by Matthew Dickman

Video by Emily Peter

Love by Matthew Dickman

Video by Courtney Justus